Get down, get dirty!

Sounds like the lyrics to an RnB song, but actually it’s the name of the gardening course I signed up to with City Plot to learn to grow your my food! I’ve never grown anything from seed, at least not since primary school where we grew beans on wet cotton, and avocado stones held over water by toothpicks. So I decided to go for the Absolute beginners group. Seems to me like the best place to start;-

Pea sprout

Pea sprout

In the first class we learnt the basics, and experimented making little newspaper cylinders to grow our seeds in. This is handy because after you can just transfer the seedling into a larger pot without disturbing the roots. The newspaper just disintegrates by itself.

Indian cress sprout

Indian cress sprout

I put these on my window sill towards the south, with all the light they grew really fast.  It is truly amazing to see a small plant sprout from a tiny seed and develop little leaves, all looking different. I transferred them into lightly larger yogurt pots. The idea is that if you start to grow them indoors, you need to harden them out by putting them outside a few hours a day so they get used to the wind and elements.

First plants on south facing windowsill

First plants on south facing windowsill

However this year it was so cold for a long time that I couldn’t put them outside. The problem with this is they became long and leggy and they cant hold up by themselves:-(  So too bad for these ones. I am keeping them to see what the plant looks like as it develops but I need to start again directly outside for better results…


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