From trash to treasure

When I started out with the plan to plant some veggies on my balcony, I started finding flower pots on the street very consistently. In my neighbourhood in Amsterdam Zuid there are no underground containers for rubbish, so twice a week people put out their rubbish bags, and often other things they no longer need. These discarded objects get picked up in no time by passers-by, as one person’s trash is another one’s treasure.

All my containers and pots found on the street

All my containers and pots found on the street

I have found a plastic tub, terracotta pots, flower pots of all shapes and sizes, even my watering can was found on the sidewalk! I haven’t spent any money on buying containers so far. I love the idea of reusing rather than buying new pots, it’s cheaper for me and I’m happy to be saving these pots from going to the landfill when they are in perfect condition to be used.

The funny thing is I only started finding these containers when I decided to try planting on my balcony. Before I had never noticed them, and now I find them practically every time I take out my rubbish or when I cycle on my way home.  My favorite find is this 7kg tub of zoete drop (liquorice), only in the Netherlands is it possible to consume such a quantity of liquorice! I made some holes in the bottom and now I’m hoping it will be a sweet home to some carrots.

7kg drop container

Reused liquorice container


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