Pop-eye the sailor man

This is the first harvest from my balcony. A small bowl of spinach leaves. They were delicious and tasty, nothing like the bland ones that I buy in the Ecowinkel pre-washed in a bag. Because there was so little of them, I enjoyed each bite:-)

Fresh spinach

Fresh spinach

The reason I could enjoy eating these spinach leaves was that I  had been thinning out my spinach. I could see that the shoots were fighting for space and light in the pot, so I had to cut some of them at the base with scissors, to leave more room for the remaining ones to develop. This is heartbreaking because it feels so wrong to cut the shoots after all the efforts to grow them in the first place. but it is survival of the fittest, I left the strongest ones to grow. I hope they’ll be happy with the extra space.

The remaining spinach

The remaining spinach


One thought on “Pop-eye the sailor man

  1. Re: “Because there was so little of them, I enjoyed each bite:-)”

    I think that’s such a wise statement. May we all take the time to value and treasure the everyday joys, and eating food I’ve watched grow from seed always seems especially precious and miraculous.

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