Rain, rain, rain

Good weather is not really what brought me to the Netherlands, but I have to say this year it has been particularly bad. It’s pretty much been raining non-stop during the last weeks. It’s the same all around Europe I’ve heard. While I sit around, vitamine-D deprived, waiting for spring to arrive I have to say at least all this water is benefiting my plants. I’ve been away for long weekends in may, 4 or 5 days at a time, and so far found my plants thriving when I get back.


Fenugreek sprouts

The Indian Cress is on the one hand looking great, it’s huge with beautiful leaves and winding stems, but on the downside it’s having a lot of trouble holding its own weight up with all the wind. I can’t believe all this plant comes just from one funny little seed. I can’t wait for it to grow its bright flowers!

Indian Cress

Indian Cress

Also this Campanula is shooting up all over the place, it came back to life after the winter and looks even better than last year. Hopefully it will soon be flowering with little purple flowers. Maybe a bit of sun would help it along.




One thought on “Rain, rain, rain

  1. I love that you have such an impressive garden on your balcony! I do okay in the yard, but once plants are potted I can’t seem to keep them alive. Any advice, I’d love to have a potted herb garden on my deck that I could bring inside for the winter.

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