More than honey

Lately all over the news we are hearing that bees are dying  for mysterious reasons, and that without them we will have huge problems for food production. I started getting interested in the subject and found myself reading this blog called Wayward Spark which has beautiful detailed posts explaining beekeeping with lots of photos illustrating the processes. I find it really interesting and it nearly makes me want to have my own beehive!

Bee on a flower

The lonely bee

So last week I went to the movies to see the documentary More than Honey which I had heard good reviews about. I found it really fascinating and horrifying at the same time. The images of the bees are amazing on the large screen and there is a lot of incredible information about how they live and communicate.  I don’t want to spoil the movie by saying too much but i do recommend it. Having seen the documentary it’s impossible to say anymore that we don’t know why bees are dying.


I actually looked for a bee to photograph in order to illustrate this post, and since my Mum’s garden is full of flowers at the moment I thought it would be easy! But there were barely any bees to be found (more proof of their disappearance?). Instead I came across this gorgeous shiny beetle chilling among the flowers.


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