The good news and the bad news

My one bean pod

My one bean pod

I was thrilled the other day when closely observing my bean plant to find that it had a pod! This bean plant comes from the very first beans I planted during the 1st Cityplot workshop in february. It grew leggy on my sunny window sill but I kept it so I could observe how it grew. It has lots of little white and black flowers but only this one grew into a pod (so far!). You can still see the dried up flower on the end.

So what’s the bad news… well I also noticed that I have an invasion of tiny little insects, so small I can barely see them. They make a kind of web like spiders and damage the leaves. I need to find out what they are. They are so tiny! I imagined pests would be bigger and easier to pick off the plant. Luckily this plant is indoors and far from my other beans, so hopefully they wont get infested.


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