More beans!

Bean flowers

Since it wasn’t enough to just be growing food on my balcony, I decided to plant some beans on my boyfriend’s balcony, or should I say mini-greenhouse. His balcony is closed off with a full glass window, facing West and it gets really warm at the end of sunny afternoons. Where my bean plants that are outside on my mostly shady balcony are small and growing slowly, these ones are growing so tall and have lots of gorgeous white and black flowers, with a hint of pink. I think we’ll be eating beans from his place long before mine!

Beans in the 'greenhouse'

Beans in the ‘greenhouse’


One thought on “More beans!

  1. I am looking forward to eating ‘pasta e fagioli’! There are at least three pods on one of the plants. Yum!

    Keep it up:)


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