Last Sunday I went to a wormshop run by Cityplot to learn how to compost with worms. The introductory email warned that we would be “handling worms and powertools”, 2 thinsg that sounded like lots of fun to me:-) First we had a theory course on how to look after the worms and our worm bins and then we started the hands on part.

Making my worm hotel

Making my worm hotel

First we drilled holes in one plastic box that will serve initially as the cover.  Then we filled the other box which will serve as their home with soaked egg cartons to make the initial bottom bedding. The key for a healthy wormbin is balance, it needs to be moist, but not too wet.

Wet egg carton bedding

Wet egg carton bedding

The next step was to put a layer of cocopeat, and wet that too. Then we crushed some egg shells finely in order to make some grit, necessary for the worms to eat. These broken shells were sprinkled onto the cocopeat.

Crushing egg shells

Crushing egg shells with a rolling pin

The next step was to put in the worms. We each got a handful of thin red compost worms, otherwise known as Red Wrigglers. They don’t like light so we quickly covered them with another layer of bedding (wet cardboard) after having put in a piece of banana peel for them to start snacking on.

Bedding : wet cardboard

Bedding : wet cardboard

I’d love to show you a picture of my Red Wrigglers but they are very shy. They underwent quite a change of scenery and rode through the city on the back of my bike, so now I am letting them rest undisturbed until they adapt to their new ecosystem. I can’t wait to see how they progress and will write more about them here in the future as I get more experienced looking after them.

Travelling wormbin

Travelling wormbin


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