I have picked my first radishes! Radishes are definitely one of the easiest things to grow.  I grew mine in a low wooden crate, like the ones you can often find in the supermarket or on the street on rubbish day. I just planted them and they grew without me really taking care of them. They also grow really fast, in just 4-6 weeks!

Radishes in a wooden crate

Radishes seedlings in a wooden crate

Yesterday at the Get down, get dirty course we asked how you know when you need to pick radishes. It’s simple: the radishes are jumping at you to be picked. And indeed, when I looked the red part was about half out of the soil.



So I picked them and added them to a delicious fresh salad. They are a bit small, pretty much just one bite each! I’ll plant some more now so I can enjoy eating them all summer.

First radishes

First radishes

Another great thing I discovered at the course is you can also eat the leaves:) As you can see on the picture they’re a bit hairy so they wont do for a salad. But I washed them really thoroughly, chopped them up and fried them up with a small onion (like they were spinach), I beat 2 eggs with some milk and cheese and made a truly delicious omelet! I love not having to throw away any part of the plant:)


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