Growing peas

Peas out front

My neighbour’s peas on the ground floor

My neighbour on the ground floor has started guerilla gardening in the patch of soil in front of her window. She has put beans and peas which happily enjoy the sun because they’re facing the sun. I could see her peas growing and one fine day they bloomed with pink flowers. As the flowers wilt they turn purply-blue and a dark purple pod appears. You can see it at the bottom of this picture hereunder.

Peas out front

See the dark pod?

What I love about peas is their tiny tendrils that wrap around anything they can find. Apparently you can also eat the leaves and tendrils or use them as decoration around a dish.

Intertwining tendrils

Intertwining tendrils

I only have white pea flowers so far. I must have a different species. I’ll make sure to ask for some seeds for the pink ones.

White pea flower

White pea flower


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