What’s for dinner?

I really love being able to go onto my balcony and just pick something fresh to eat with my dinner. I don’t really have enough yet to make a whole salad, but it does complement what I buy at the supermarket and I like the thought that they don’t come pre-washed in a bag. This summer I am figuring out what grows well and next year I will be able to focus on the more successful crops.

Last Wednesday I picked some Swiss chard, peas, rocket, a mini-carrot (called Paris Market Carrot) and some small fava beans. I added all of these ingredients to my salad, with a punchy vinaigrette.


Tonight to accompany my left-over pizza, I picked this swiss chard, baby carrots and Paris Market Carrots. These little carrots just need a good wash, no peeling. They are really crunchy and have a much sweeter taste than the ones you buy.

Harvest 15 july

My next challenge is how to use carrot tops. I feel like its such a waste to throw out all the leaves (my compost worms can’t quite handle that much yet!). I’m going to search the internet to find out if and how I can use them… Ideally I’d like to waste as little as possible of what I grow.


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