Recycling plastic in Amsterdam

Plastic heroes campaign

Plastic heroes campaign

Right now all around Amsterdam and Haarlem there is an ad campaign by Plastic Heroes about recycling plastic. I’m really stoked that there are so many posters and I hope it will create awareness and encourage people to recycle their plastic.

When I started systematically sorting out my plastic there were no large bins for it in my neighbourhood, so I had to ride 15mn by bike with my huge bulging plastic bag full of more plastic just to dispose of it. I did it gladly with the thought that at least it would be re-used and wouldn’t end up in a rubbish dump or in the sea.

I consciously try to buy products that have less packaging and I refuse bags but I actually find it really hard to reduce the plastic coming into my home. Even in my local Ekoplaza (organic supermarket) nearly every product is packaged in plastic.

My aim in the next months is to find places where I can buy things in bulk and un-packaged, and see how much I can reduce the plastic I use. My ultimate goal would be to have a zero waste home, and I believe it’s possible one step at a time.


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