A little seed saving

Radish seeds

Radish seed pods

I believe saving seeds is really important and empowering in these times when companies such as Monsanto want to take control of seeds and create genetically modified species that are not sustainable. But also I find extremely fascinating that such small seeds can contain the necessary basis and information to create a whole new plant!

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds

The great thing about saving seeds from my own balcony is that these seeds carry exactly the right DNA to grow in the conditions on my balcony:-)  It does mean sacrificing a plant, as it needs to dry out completely before the seeds are ready, but it’s definitely worth it.

Breaking open those little pods in the bowl on the photo, I found tiny little radish seeds.  Radishes grew really easily so I look forward to planting them again next spring.  I also collected fenugreek seeds. You can see the seeds through the membrane of the dried pod. The amazing thing is they already have a very strong spicy smell as you open them.

Nasturtium seeds

Nasturtium seeds

The easiest to gather were the Nasturtium seeds (Indian Cress). They just fell onto the balcony waiting to be picked up and I put them to dry. They turned from green to light grey (they look like tiny brains which makes them easy to recognise). I love this plant which grows really easily and both the leaves and flowers are edible, so those will definitely be planted again next year too.

I put each type of seeds into small handmade origami envelopes and wrote the plant name, date I collected them and where.  It’s empowering to feel just a little bit self-sufficient:-)



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