Healthy snack from the garden



Not many people know that nasturtiums are edible. Actually mine grew like crazy all summer on the balcony without me realising that they were more than just decorative. They are very easy to grow and actually the whole plant is edible:

  • the leaves have a strong peppery taste can be used to make wraps, in salads or in sandwiches
  • the flowers are mild can be eaten as they are
  • the seeds can be eaten either green and raw, or pickled as a substitute to capers

At the last Cityplot course made improvised snacks. They are super simple to make and look beautiful which also makes them great fresh finger food if you’re having guests over.  Just take the nasturtium leaves, wash them and snip off the stem, turn the leaf upside down and fill with whatever takes your fancy (we filled them with fresh goats cheese, some honey, and herbs). Then roll the leaf like a wrap and tie it with a chive. The final touch is to tuck the flower into the chive as decoration. Enjoy!

Natural snack from the garden

Natural snack from the garden



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