A few Sundays ago we decided to go for a walk in Castricum, where there is a natural reserve that I had heard is very beautiful. As we were enjoying breakfast the sun was shining a little outside my windows so it looked like a promising day. But by the time we got on the train, the sky started to turn grey and just as we stepped off at Castricum station it started raining!  I was really upset and couldn’t believe we had come all this way only to walk in the rain.



You would think after over 7 years of living in the Netherlands I would be perfectly equipped and constantly be carrying with rain gear with me.  However I must still be in the denial phase about Dutch weather, as I get soaked by rain much more often than I care to admit. That day of course I didn’t have a waterproof jacket with me.

Directions rock

Directions rock

Despite the rain we decided to explore anyway and headed off. I was feeling grumpy and complaining, and wasn’t really enjoying my surroundings. Everything looked grey to me, even as we walked through varied landscape: woods with pine trees, sandy areas, open clearings and finally made it to the sea.  I really didn’t give myself a chance to enjoy the experience.

Castricum aan Zee

Castricum aan Zee

On the way back, finally it stopped raining and my mood shifted. I started noticing the changing landscape, laughing about the reactions of the people we asked for directions and enjoying the fresh air and moving. The best part was stopping to warm up in a cafe we had spotted at the very beginning of the walk. We had a delicious cup of hot tea and cake (despite the doubtful decor of stuffed birds and rifles on the wall;)

Kijk-Uit cafe

Kijk-Uit cafe

So what does all this have to do with optimism?? It reminds me of something I read in a magazine recently: optimism is not just believing things will work out. It means believing that you are living the best possible situation. In other words, it means that at every moment you have the chance to decide how you react to things.  I really want to keep in mind that optimism is the starting point in order to perceive any situation, and I want to remember that it’s up to me to choose not to get upset for nothing about things I cannot change. Let’s see how it goes:)


2 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. The views you saw are lovely, but I completely understand feeling burdened by constant rain. We don’t have that where I live, but it feels like we are constantly freezing cold or burning hot, not many happy mediums. Despite this, I think we all have a choice in how we react to things. Your quote and this entry reminded me of that, so thank you!

  2. I agree that we can choose how we react if we’re conscious, but it’s also entirely human to get disappointed and grumpy at times. Maybe the weather heard you complaining, and that’s why it stopped raining!

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