A morning ritual

After taking busses and trains to get to work in Haarlem for a year and a half, I am really enjoying cycling to work again! I now ride from my place in the South all the way up to the Ij west of Central Station, passing through the beautiful Vondelpark and along the gorgeous canals of the Jordaan. I am really grateful to be able to reach the office by bike and to follow such a picturesque route.

Early one morning, I stopped to take a picture with my smartphone of the lovely light and sent it to my Mum. It made me happy to be able to share this tiny moment of my daily routine. Since then I’ve continued sending regular pictures of my morning commute to my Mum, and I love when she sends me back pictures of where she is.

This small ritual allows me to pause in my morning rush, stop worrying that I might arrive late, and just take a moment to really look at the beauty around me and not take it for granted.


One thought on “A morning ritual

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing what you see and experience. I am happy you have such a lovely commute, and that you notice the beauty through which you ride.

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