Here comes the sun

I was already gushing about how I love spring a couple of weeks ago, and the weather these last days have been even more incredible here in Amsterdam! It was sunny with blue skies and about 16°C which would already considered good weather for the month of May, and is pretty much unheard of in the beginning of March.

Wetlands in the Amsterdamse Bos

Wetlands in the Amsterdamse Bos

Conditions were perfect to spend nearly all weekend outdoors, to bathe in the warm sunlight and soak up some much needed vitamine D.  Saturday we took a long walk and discovered parts of the Amsterdamse Bos I’d never seen. Under the sun everything looks so much prettier. The woods and the protected wetlands were beautiful and calm, full of birds.

Haarlemmermeerstation roundabout

Haarlemmermeerstation roundabout

The roundabout close to my place, that I showed pictures of end of february, is now even more amazing as all the flowers have opened into a gorgeous purple and white carpet. 

Celebrating spring

Celebrating spring

In the Vondelpark, this red and white thread caught my eye hanging on the branch of a budding tree. There are different versions of this tradition, which originally comes from Bulgaria I believe. People give these bracelets to their friends and family, and the person receiving the bracelet keeps wearing it until they can tie it to a budding tree or when they see a stork. It’s a way of celebrating the arrival of spring, and some say you should also make a wish as you tie it to the tree…  It made me smile to spot one here in the park, I hope that person’s wish comes true:)


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