A walk in the dunes


Kennemerduinen – winding road towards the sea

On the sunday before last the weather looked promising and we wanted to get some fresh air, so we took the train to Santpoort-Noord, stepped out of the station and went to explore the Kennemerduinen. 

Colours of Kennemerduin

Colours of Kennemer dunes

It was not sunny the whole time, but when the sun came out the temperature was perfect and the landscape transformed, all of a sudden becoming  much more colourful.

Traces of the hairy coo

Traces of the hairy coo (we didn’t see any though)

One of the reasons I enjoyed this walk so much was that for once the landscape wasn’t totally flat. A winding road crept up and down small hills towards to sea. It seemed to me that on the other side of every hill the sea would appear, but it was always further away…

Wind swept trees

Wind swept trees

Over the course of the walk the landscapes changed from green and humid forest, to sandy open spaces, wind swept hillsides, very wet grassland until finally we reached the beach. It was amazing to see the landscape evolve as we advanced.

Perfect view for our lunch break

The view we enjoyed as we sat to have our lunch break

It felt so good to be outdoors, away from the computer, surrounded by this amazing unspoilt nature.  Falling into the rhythm of walking and being totally in the flow, whilst feeling the wind and sunshine on my cheeks, is for me one of the simple pleasures of life.


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