100 happy days – part 1



Day 1 – I love the shadow the sun makes on this wall


Day 2- street art spotted whilst cycling in the Far West


Day 3- Colourful laundry and stripy socks


Day 4 – Homemade brioche (absolutely delicious!)


Day 5 – a small patch of unmowed grass covered in colourful wild flowers


Day 6 – the view from the meeting room at work


Day 7 – waiting in front of Amsterdam central station in the sun


Day 8 – tap water (for free!) offered in a gorgeous bottle in a very cute soup restaurant in Noord


Day 9 – spring onions growing on the balcony (finally! they were very slow at first)


Day 10 – welcoming my first Airbnb guests


One of my colleagues told me about the 100happydays challenge, it’s a wonderful idea and a great way to focus on small things I feel grateful for!
Here are snapshots of my recent happy days. I’m doing my best to take a picture daily and upload regularly:-)


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