100 happy days – part 3

20140716_193252Day 21 – Lots of wild flowers by the water

20140717_182647Day 22 – Having a smoothie and watching the world go by at Vegabond cafe after work

20140718_201457Day 23 – Sunshine and warm weather on Museumplein



Day 24 – Trying bubble tea for the first time… this watermelon taste was a little too chemical for me, but at least very refreshing after a long ride in Amsterdam North


Day 25 – Received the perfect gifts: some reading for the upcoming holidays by the seaside


Day 26 – Studio Anna Mora, been taking Pilates classes there for nearly 5 years!


Day 27 – Late afternoon sun on my way home and kids playing in the fountain on Olympiaplein


Day 28 – Beautiful sun shining on the canals on my way home


Day 29 – Super cute little violets growing on my balcony


Day 30 – Finally on holidays! First morning in Italy:) This delicious breakfast, especially love the ‘brutti ma buoni’ (ugly but tasty!) exquisite round biscuits made from hazelnuts, perfect with my morning coffee.


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