100 happy days – part 5


Day 41 – First time I saw (and tasted!) a melanzana rossa (red eggplant) from the Pollino – such a cute vegetable!


Day 42 – I love the fountains (Nasone) all over Rome where you can drink fresh water for free when walking around in the heat becomes unbearable.


Day 43 – Pizza al taglio and suppli… the perfect lunch!


Day 44 – Magic hour in Rome, the atmosphere was beautiful walking through the city center on our last evening


Day 45 – Ploughing through Moby-Dick, I would have probably quit if it wasnt for the book club. I never thought I would learn so many details about whales.


Day 46 – My plants survived my absence, this one surprised me with these wonderful flowers


Day 47 – This tiny merman sticker from my friend now decorating my journal


Day 48 – Delicious dinner with my colleagues at Tolhuituin with lots of laughs (plus I love the vertical plant wall)


Day 49 – Reading Flow in the sun by the fountain after a day of work… so relaxing!


Day 50 – Arriving dry – despite the rainshowers -at Pacific Parc to meet up with friends and celebrate my birthday:-)


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