100 happy days – part 6


Day 51 – A walk on a grey and windy saturday, brightened up by this cute little snail snuggling among the figs


Day 52 – Finally the sun came out from behind the clouds


Day 53 – This rainbow spotted from the balcony


Day 54 – This whale reference in a sidestreet near work (since reading Moby Dick I’m spotting things about whales in the most unexpected places!)


Day 55 – The view from my bedroom as I wake up (with a tiny bit of blue sky)


Day 56 – All is peaceful on the Brouwersgracht on my way to work


Day 57 – Love the light over the Ij around sunset


Day 58 – A simple decoration on our table at American cafe


Day 59 – Decided on a whim to go see this exhibition and loved  the photos and the audioguide of the photographer explaining the stories behind his pictures


Day 60 – Enjoying a drink, picking angel cards and having a good laugh to relax after work



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