100 happy days – part 7


Day 61 – A delicious dinner and improvised workshop where a friend taught us to carve stamps out of linoleum. So much fun (and therapeutic;-)

20140827_200454Day 62 – Beautiful sky at dusk

20140828_203332Day 63 –  Sun setting on peaceful Amsterdam Zuid

20140829_225433Day 64 – Fairy lights (a cosy alternative when the lightbulb breaks)

20140830_205623Day 65 – Delicious home-cooked indian dinner in good company

20140831_175509Day 66 – This bike is often parked outside my flat, and whenever I see it it makes me smile:-)

20140901_200041Day 67 – Shiny green new leaves on this plant on my windowsill

20140902_225813Day 68 – This amazingly delicious block of fudge, straight from Scotland – yuuuummmmm!:-)

20140904_173950Day 69 – A gorgeous orchid blooming unexpectedly on my balcony

20140905_175445Day 70 – Reading a real page-turner for the book club (nice change from Moby-Dick;-)


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