Apples, pears and sunflowers


Last weekend the weather was promising, and after spending all week indoors at work, pining after the sunshine from behind my desk, I really felt the need to spend some time outdoors.  I’d read about a new place in the far west of Amsterdam where we could go to pick organic apples and pears ourselves, but I couldn’t imagine what a magical place I would find in Fruittuin van West.


The staff was very friendly, explained what they will be growing there in the future and how to pick the fruit properly.The trees were laden with fruit. It was the perfect activity for a sunny Sunday to get some fresh air and be active outside.  In the end we carried home 10kg of delicious pears and apples. It was so much fun to pick our own fruit and much more satisfactory that just buying it at the market:-)


As we were leaving I realized we could also pick sunflowers on the other side of the street! There stood a wild field of amazing sunflowers – yellow ones and also orangey-red ones like I’d never seen, of all different heights and sizes… Simply gorgeous!

IMG_6432 IMG_6445 IMG_6446


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