More happy days – part 2


Day 111 – Delicious vegan dinner at Terra Zen, served by very friendly rasta guy


Day 112 – Beatiful autumn leaves and blue sky


Day 113 – 🙂


Day 114 – Reading Jules Verne for book club, my edition even has illustrations


Day 115 – My new backpack! (finally my old Eastpak can rest in peace)


Day 116 – Love Dutch efficiency, took just 19mn to have my consultation, pay for and get my yellow fever vaccination. I wasn’t even late for work.


Day 117 – Received The Optimist magazine in the post, a good read and some amazing photos


Day 118 – This postcard in the mailbox


Day 119 – Quiet sunday morning making crepes and reading


Day 120 – Sunset in the Jordaan on my way home

More happy days


Day 101 – Preparing a ‘bon voyage’ note is always a good excuse to use coloured paper and washi tape


Day 102 – Delicious greek dinner and many laughs


Day 103 – More baking… this chocolate cake is so simple and delicious (the trick is not to cook it much…;-)


Day 104 – Surprise birthday dinner sharing lots of amazing italian food, accompanied by guitar playing and singing


Day 105 – The sun setting over the Ij never gets old


Day 106 – Had a great (Gatsby) day: finished the book and watched the movie


Day 107 – Another gorgeous sunny morning having coffee overlooking the canal


Day 108 – This cute message tucked into my pinboard


Day 109 – A normal day in the office:-)


Day 110 – Went to Lush to stock up on my favorite shampoo (works great and no more plastic!!)

100 happy days – part 10!

20140925_223649Day 91 – Fresh apple cake, italian style recipe


Day 92 – Delicious pizza dinner after a long day of work


Day 93 – Visiting a wine cellar in Bordeaux (and more importantly drinking a lot of amazing local wines)


Day 94 – Wonderful feeling of coming home to find the flat very tidy and the bed made


Day 95 – Catching up over homemade tasty warm gratin


Day 96 – This cute post-it message stuck to this orange


Day 97 – The gorgeous view over the IJ (and the hillarious creative girly evening spent in Pllek)


Day 98 – Chilling in the sun with good coffee on my friday off

Day 99 – Spending the morning in the peaceful bee park in the Far West


Day 100 – Spotted this cute face winking at me on this beautiful night on the dock


100 days!! YAAAYYY! I cant believe I did it and how fast it went! In total I missed 4 days, either because it totally slipped my mind or because I was sick.  Most days I remembered easily to snap a picture, however there were a few nights when I was already in bed and remembered at the last minute, so had to get back up and hunt around my appartment for something that makes me happy. Luckily it wasn’t too hard to find;-)

I did some statistics to see in numbers what made me happy on a daily basis:

View – 27 pictures were of the view as I moved around the city or a place I had been that day
Nature – 22 pictures were of nature and plants
Food and drinks – 17 pictures of what I ate, drank, cooked and enjoyed in these 100 days
Random – 13 pictures of things that don’t fall into any category, mostly around the flat
Creative – 7 pictures of hand made things
Travel – 6 pictures related to travel or in new destinations
Reading – 4 pictures of the books or magazines I was reading
Kindness – 4 pictures of gifts or linked to kind actions

What I loved about this project was gathering the pictures after 10 days, and looking back at all that had happened in such a short time. I didn’t take any pictures of people, but many of the drinks, books, views, creative sessions and meals in these pictures are linked closely to the people I shared them with. I feel very grateful for all the wonderful things in my life and all those special moments:-)

100 happy days – part 9

20140916_213604Day 81 – Guide books from the library to prepare my upcoming trip

IMG-20140919-WA0002Day 82 –  Having a spontaneous drink in the sun with colleagues after work and trying South African cider for the first time


Day 83 – My collection of washi tape

Day 84 – Having fun playing creatively with some paint and our stamps after dinner

Day 85 – A long and beautiful walk in Kennemerduinen to get some fresh air. I love these scottish highland cows that graze around the park!

Day 86 – Spending the afternoon in the sun picking fruit


Day 87 –  Originial Aussi Milo brought back from Australia by one of my colleagues – tastes just like when I was little!


Day 88 – Colourful collection of the postcards from all over the world on my fridge


Day 89 – Cycling home through the Vondelpark right between two heavy rainshowers


Day 90 – A lovely lady in the neighbourhood created this amazing panel full of little love notes you can cut off! Such a nice idea:-)

Apples, pears and sunflowers


Last weekend the weather was promising, and after spending all week indoors at work, pining after the sunshine from behind my desk, I really felt the need to spend some time outdoors.  I’d read about a new place in the far west of Amsterdam where we could go to pick organic apples and pears ourselves, but I couldn’t imagine what a magical place I would find in Fruittuin van West.


The staff was very friendly, explained what they will be growing there in the future and how to pick the fruit properly.The trees were laden with fruit. It was the perfect activity for a sunny Sunday to get some fresh air and be active outside.  In the end we carried home 10kg of delicious pears and apples. It was so much fun to pick our own fruit and much more satisfactory that just buying it at the market:-)


As we were leaving I realized we could also pick sunflowers on the other side of the street! There stood a wild field of amazing sunflowers – yellow ones and also orangey-red ones like I’d never seen, of all different heights and sizes… Simply gorgeous!

IMG_6432 IMG_6445 IMG_6446

100 happy days – part 8

Day 71 – A creative evening spent with friends customizing t-shirts with home-carved potato stamps

Day 72 – Quiet afternoon walking around Amsterdam Zuid

Day 73 – Gorgeous mist in the Vondelpark while I cycled to work
(the picture doesn’t do it justice… it was even more beautiful)

Day 74 – Clearing out my cupboard, nice to be able to see in one overview what I have in there

Day 75 – Delicious tomatoes bought at the Haarlemmerplein market, i love their shape and symetry:-)

Day 76 – Drinks at Tolhuistuin while the sun goes down on the IJ

Day 77 – A wonderful letter from my sister with one of her drawings and a handmade card

Day 78 – Enjoying the sunshine while checking out the plants in the urban garden across the street

Day 79 – One lone flower standing tall

Day 80 – Testing my armadillo linoleum stamp

100 happy days – part 7


Day 61 – A delicious dinner and improvised workshop where a friend taught us to carve stamps out of linoleum. So much fun (and therapeutic;-)

20140827_200454Day 62 – Beautiful sky at dusk

20140828_203332Day 63 –  Sun setting on peaceful Amsterdam Zuid

20140829_225433Day 64 – Fairy lights (a cosy alternative when the lightbulb breaks)

20140830_205623Day 65 – Delicious home-cooked indian dinner in good company

20140831_175509Day 66 – This bike is often parked outside my flat, and whenever I see it it makes me smile:-)

20140901_200041Day 67 – Shiny green new leaves on this plant on my windowsill

20140902_225813Day 68 – This amazingly delicious block of fudge, straight from Scotland – yuuuummmmm!:-)

20140904_173950Day 69 – A gorgeous orchid blooming unexpectedly on my balcony

20140905_175445Day 70 – Reading a real page-turner for the book club (nice change from Moby-Dick;-)